Deborah Miller

Deborah Miller was born in London, England and raised in Atlanta, Georgia by her Jamaican born parents, her mother a nurse and father, a minister. Music was in Deborah’s life from an early age, polishing her vocals with her church choir, and she is passionate about it.  It’s in her blood. Her aunt, Marcia Barrett of the hit 70’s Euro Disco group, Boney M, provided inspiration. However, it was a Luther Vandross concert that was the turning point for her vocally.  Watching Vandross and his backing vocalists sparked a desire. “Seeing those girls up there singing on this rotating stage, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Performing with some of the greatest musicians in the industry, such has Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics , James Taylor, and most notably Massive Attack has given Deborah a firm foundation for her vocal pursuits.

Her impressive vocal range helps her deliver memorable performances that have thrilled audiences the world over.

Deborah is based in Atlanta and is the mother of a brilliant young man. She looks forward to spreading her wings as a solo artist and entertaining fans with her exceptional talent to which they are accustomed but is also excited to evolve and offer a taste from an eclectic palate of Dance/Club, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Trip Hop and beyond.